Republican Congress is LYING TO YOU!

Rich [small] business owners threaten paying their fair share of [PERSONAL] income taxes will prevent them from hiring more workers.


CEOs have to hire if need be, or screw their business. The only thing [small] business CEOs lose is tax savings on their ridiculous high salaries! Taking away tax breaks put in place by Bush would NOT INCREASE TAXES ON BUSINESSES or CORPORATIONS, and would only affect PERSONAL INCOME.

Think! The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy have been in place for 9 years and haven't helped small business any. In fact, we've had the WORST economy EVER WITH TAX BREAKS FOR RICH these past years.

Don't buy the CRAP from republicans about taxing rich messing with small business. IT IS LIES TO KEEP RICH, RICH!

Republican congress is LYING & STEALING FROM YOU! Taxing rich fair share WON'T HURT BUSINESS. If congress simply let the Bush tax breaks to the 1% making over $250,000 annually on PERSONAL INCOME expire, billions would be realized to fund our schools, neighborhoods, public services, jobs projects. Keeping tax breaks in place for 99% of rest of us until the economy recovers will insure purchasing power to aide in economic growth.

DON'T BE FOOLED by republican rhetoric. Post and Tweet your outrage now!! Comment here. Talk to friends and family, contact your congressmen, but let republican congress know YOU KNOW they are lying and stealing from you by extending tax cuts to the greedy and powerful rich. Only then can we stop congress from using terrorist and extortionist tactics, bargaining with middle-class necessities to benefit only 1% of the wealthiest among U.S.!


Anonymous said...

I saw some fat slob on television, complaining that if the tax cuts reverted for people making over $250K, then he would have to fire someone. What was he really saying? I am not reducing my income, and I'm willing to lie about the effect in public ...

Anonymous said...

J - Finally, someone speaks the truth. Thank you!

I, too, have been mighty confused by the way the Repubs keep saying that "taxes on the rich will hurt jobs." They say it over and over, and so it seems like it must be true.

But, exactly as you say, why would taxes on the very rich hurt jobs? Big companies that hire lots of people (Ford, McDonalds, Google) are corporations. They pay corporate tax- which is totally different. Their highest paid folks, of course, might pay more PERSONAL taxes. But, that would have ZERO impact on the hiring they do.

And, the same goes for almost all small businesses. Go to any good business web site, and it will tell a small business owner that once they start bringing in decent money they should form an "S-Corporation" (if not a regular corporation) and these also are taxed separately. Again, the owner of the business, if it's doing super well, may pay a lot of corporate tax-- but those taxes are not what congress is discussing right now. The individual small business owner who is very successful would pay more personal tax-- but, Republicans, how exactly would that impact their business? I guess if the small business owner decided to take a huge salary and drain everything out of the business, then maybe this tax hike on the wealthy could hurt; but, this would be a bad way of doing business-- and really someone running it that way deserves to have their taxes raised!

Sorry this was so dense-- but I hope I countered any argument someone has for why the millionaires should get tax breaks. The Repubs, after all, even voted down a huge compromise proposal by the Dems to have the higher taxes only paid by those who make more than $1 million dollars per year. I heard there are something like only 6,000 households in the country where that is true.

If anyone sees any flaws in this, please write-- because otherwise I'll just be stuck in my anger at the conservatives.

J. Cafesin said...


J. Cafesin said...

Friend asked me if I was writing political stuff to help my name recognition and this was my response to him:

"And the political stuff, it has nothing to do with book sales and definitely hurt me. In fact, I lost a lot of followers. But I couldn't keep quiet anymore. The republican congress got to keep its tax cuts for the rich by threatening cancellation of unemployment insurance and increase taxes for the rest of middle U.S. who can't afford it. AND THEY WON using these terrorist tactics. The damage they did to this country under Bush, and the damage they continue to do to beautiful Obama and this country is... demented, ugly, horrific, and probably unrecoverable. The republicans really wanted to keep the breaks for the rich, which they did, and it'll help bankrupt this country, which is a joke from the very people always whining about adding to the deficit. Taxing the rich their fair share would have put billions back into the economy. Sure, DADT won. And the Arms treaty. But they need the gay community, a healthy share of consistent voters; and the Arms treaty was an easy give to get extended tax breaks for the rich which was their true agenda. Don't be fooled. The tax deal is bad for everyone in this country other than the 5% that makes more than quarter million a year."