With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

(An Atheists View of Religion)
Religion is one of the few remaining barriers to humanity’s advancement at this time. Perhaps it had a purpose once, when we were all closer to apes in mental development, but we're not anymore. We are living the Reign of Man. We’re effectively Gods here now.

Relying on mysticism to define our world is dangerous at best. It blinds us from the reality at hand—that there is nothing to save us from ourselves but ourselves; we are all individually responsible for our world and everyone and everything on it. Where in the past the world was large, and to survive people banded together, today our world is so very small. We have the power to destroy it.

Structured belief systems divide us instead of unite us. Religions preach commonality only with their followers. They promote the differences to set theirs apart from the myriad of others. We can no longer maintain divided clusters running around thinking their way is the only truth, or the only way. We must not only understand, but act on the fact that we are intricately connected with each other and everything else here.

Assimilation isn't a bad thing. It's an absolute necessity for our survival and doesn't have to rob us of our culture or traditions. Ethnicity can and should be passed on, just without the divisive labels of the past. You can celebrate Christmas without calling yourself Christian. You don’t have to be Jewish to promote education and preserving family values. Derisive ideologies must be eliminated. Not all Catholics are against abortion. Jews don't have a corner on being neurotic, nor Muslims on being fanatics.

At this time in humanity’s development, it is imperative we becoming thinkers, innovators, not continue to be followers of a mythological narrative most adopted from their parents without much consideration or independent spiritual investigation. Indoctrinating our young with religion leaves them little chance for thinking outside the box we guide them to join us in. While we all must acknowledge we stand on the shoulders of giants, and never lose site of history, assimilation is integral for our evolution. Without coming together as one race, and very soon at that, we will most likely divide and conquer. War with a bang, or disease with a whisper, if we don’t work together to face the issues of this planet the human race will not survive the fallout of our factioning.

Promoting or proselytizing religion at this point in our history hinders our development and just may hasten our imminent demise. Sending your kids to religious school or raising them with a religious identity may seem innocuous, even righteous, but propagating ideological foundations that fundamentally promotes division must be discarded if we hope to continue our existence on this small, very fragile world we’ve become.


Anonymous said...

It is the lack of understanding and tolerance that divides us. The best way to find peace is to realize we're not so different afterall. God gave us many ways to worship him, whehter it be Muslim or Christianity etc. It is us who divides and Him who unites. I believe if you don't believe in God, if you truly seek Him, he will reveal himself to you. The way to world was made is too perfect to be an accident in my opinion. Even though as humans, we have plagued the earth with imperfection. I agree with you, it's up to us to link the chains of change.

Anonymous said...

Does what the Bible says, make any sense to you at all?

If not, you're only using half your brain. All I see in your article is logical thinking. The capacity of your brain to think intuitively has atrophied.

Do you use music and art for relaxation or inspiration? If for relaxation, you still have a chance to develop your spiritual side. If for inspiration, I suspect that you wouldn't have written this article.

Give your intuitive side a chance to develop. You'll be amazed at what you'll find out about yourself, and the condition we call humanity.

God bless.

J. Cafesin said...

I realize this is a hard subject to tackle since I question the value of religion in our current state of evolution, when 3/4 of the face of the earth are still believers.

I am not saying abolish religion. However, humanity must discard their divisive, derisive practices of intolerance. We can not afford another 9/11, Holocaust, Crusades...etc. If we continue to preach and practice intolerance, WWIII is guaranteed, and will most likely wipe us out of existence.

Is that really what you want for your grandkids?

Anonymous said...

I agree that humanity would be better off without certain fundamentalist, literalist, angry strains of religion. However, many religious traditions honor (to various degrees) critical thinking, artistry, mythological rather than literal understandings of scripture, altruism, inclusivity and compassion. Why toss out the latter, just because the former is offensive and backward?

I also disagree that religious differences are necessarily divisive. They can be, but they need not be -- no more so than any other human differences such as language, race, or gender are inherently divisive. Differences can be beautiful. I personally find atheism exciting and appealing, but perhaps I'd find it a rather arid doctrine if everyone were an atheist.

You may be interested in this nomination of Feb. 20, 2011 as a Day Without Religion: february20.org Although I must say it seems fruitless for this person to ask religious people to boycott their own religions for a day. Why would they do so?