Interpret a Dream

I have a recurrence dream and I'll be damned if I know what it's trying to tell me.

Can you help me figure it out?

...I'm in, or walking around a house. Either we've recently purchased this home, or we're looking to purchase it. The houses differ dream to dream, but they're usually big, have large bedrooms and family areas with extra rooms to use as office space, or whatever. Spectacular Bay, or treelined suburban neighborhood view out most windows, except for the rooms that face a factory, or the gangland streets of East Oakland.

There is always something wrong with the house.

As I'm moving from room to room I realize how wrong. Floors are warped from hillside erosion. Rooms are tilted. Either it turns out the house is in the crowded, concrete city—hence the Bay view, or the suburb has a busy strip mall that neighbors the lot. Whether a gift from my husband, or my own poor purchase, the house is always a mistake. I don't want to own it. I don't want to be there. I wish I had my old house back.

In some dreams I've lost my current (real life) home—my husband has sold it to purchase this new one, or it's already been purchased by someone else. In other dreams we don't own the house yet, and I'm thrilled I can go back home, glad for the house we have, in our quiet, treelined suburban area.

That's it. I usually wake up contented with the awareness I'm in my bed in my home with my husband next to me and our kids are safe, sleeping in their rooms.

Couple of things:
--The area I live is spectacularly beautiful (to me, anyway).
--The house we have is adequate in terms of size and property, but the walls are thin, with little insulation. Crappy construction, though we've been lucky so far without a lot of costly repairs.
--I'm madly in love with my DH and kids.
--Neighborhood is safe, but religious conservative (Christian/republican) and I'm not.
--We have no plans to move any time soon.

I have this dream several times a week, and have for the past 7+ years. I've never before had a reoccurring dream this frequently or for this long. And I haven't a clue what it means, if anything, though I find it hard to believe I keep having the same meaningless dream night after night.

So, if my subconscious is trying to tell me something the last 7 years, I'm not getting it. You have any idea what this dream might mean?  


Anonymous said...

You are the house. Always, always, a house is the psychological state you are in. So, beautiful, but in disrepair. Moving, but not into the right neighborhood, etc.

J. Cafesin said...

Great answer!
Anyone else have a theory?

Anonymous said...

I think your dream has either to do with restlessness or deteriorating.

Janalyn Voigt, creating worlds of beauty and danger said...

I have had a reoccurring house dream over the span of my whole life. At first it was just a room, but then become a full house. Sometimes it was smaller, sometimes more elaborate. I've come to understand that the house represents my physical body, and the things that inhabit it represent my soul and its condition. This is what my house means to me. You will know best what your house means to you.

I've heard that the people in our dreams usually represent different aspects of ourselves.