The Problem with Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is loyal, according to the New York Times article in this Sunday's NYT Magazine. So loyal, that even after Andrew Wiener made a mockery of his commitment to sexual fidelity in his marriage to Huma Abedin, Ms. Clinton kept Ms. Abedin/Wiener on as her Chief of Staff.

Like most every article on Hillary Clinton's run for the White House in the 2016 elections, the NY Times article was long on name dropping and non-existent on exploring the main reason why I will NOT be voting Ms. Clinton into the presidency of the United States in 2017.

Bill Clinton publicly cheated on his wife, broke his vow of fidelity, and Hillary chose to stay with him. Where is the woman's self-respect? And how can she possibly be trusted to follow through with instituting consequences when nations around the world break their word on agreements? If Iran decides to secretly keep enriching uranium, and she finds out about it while in office, will she simply 'forgive' them as she did her husband?

As a woman, I fully support the advancement of women in all areas of business and politics. And I'd love to see a woman in the White House, but not just any woman because they are a woman. Rumor has it Hillary made a 'calculated' decision to stay with Billy because his influence and connections would help her advance her political career. And while this may be the case, what else will this woman do to further her own interests perhaps over the interests of a nation?

Hillary Clinton and her Chief of Staff Huma Abedin shames all women by staying with their husbands after these men broke their vows of fidelity. They are, inadvertently or not, making a public statement that profound commitments are valueless, that it is acceptable to get trampled on, lied to, publicly humiliated. Like battered women who keep returning to the husband who beats them, Hillary and Huma make it OK to be slapped by turning the other cheek.

My mother's first marriage was abusive. “Never let a man hit you twice,” she taught me. “Walk the first time he strikes you. Walk, run, but leave, because he'll hit you again, guaranteed.” Andrew Wiener did not stop sexting after he got busted the first time. And you can guarantee Bill Clinton didn't stop having affairs after Monica Lewinsky. And while I feel sad for women who stay with men who abuse them, such as breaking their marriage vows of fidelity, I'm disgusted with public women like Ms. Clinton and Ms. Abedin/Wiener, who should be ethical examples for girls and women to model, but instead are more interested in their personal advancement then being the mentors women need to move beyond subjugation to stand equally beside men.

Bravo Maria Shriver for being an example and mentor for today's women to aspire to. Run for the 2017 Presidency and I'd proudly vote for you!!

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