On the Train to Auschwitz

Produce manager at Lucky's told me they sell rotten packages of lettuce because corporate won't let them remove the spoiled greens from the shelf. He said it's the “customers responsibility,” to pick carefully. I pointed out that the lettuce was rotten BEFORE the package expiration date, and even picking the freshest, they were going bad in the bag in a day. He said that's my problem, not his, and to call the corporate office to complain. I did, but I'm a lone voice and will not be heard.

They sell rotten packages of lettuce because no one else complains. You get home with their produce and throw half of it away a day after purchase because it's rotten, then go to the store and buy more. The store doesn't lose, but their consumers pay and pay, because YOU LET THEM get away with selling crap for greatest profit!

Overcharged on your phone bill? Easier just to pay the damn overcharge than spend half your day in Verison's messaging loop while they tell you over and over how important you are to them. We accept corporations lying and stealing from us, and it's seemingly just dandy that we don't hold the employees, executives—even the murderers accountable. (PG&E killed 8 in San Bruno knowing their lines needed replacing, yet paid their executives bonuses instead.) We tolerate our failing education system. Instead of fighting the Teacher's Unions for accountability, we pass measure upon measure giving public schools more tax dollars so they can repeat the same mistakes that lead us to be in 17th in reading, 21st in science, and 26th in math, on par with the Slovak Republic.

We have the technology to demand of each other that each of us uphold even baseline moral standards. And morality is NOT opinion. If it was, I could murder, rob whoever I want, as in MY OPINION it's OK to kill you when you annoy me! It's not OK to commit murder. It's not OK to steal cuz you want higher profits. And regardless of the f#*%ed up Supreme Court's decision that “Corporations are people, too,” PEOPLE, individuals commit crimes against humanity. The produce manager at Lucky's is EQUALLY as culpable selling rotten food as his employer!

A society that sees evil and does nothing, or is willfully ignorant is not sustainable. It's Nazi Germany. Only now the Nazi's are everyone on the planet that is complacent in the face of corruption and injustice.

It ain't the damn $20 overcharge on your cell bill. It's the principle that Verizon is screwing you! Yet most blow the evening viraling cat videos instead of getting on Twitter and Facebook and telling the world that Verizon is overcharging you and then costing you half your day to dispute them! WHY?! Do nothing and they continue to get away with raping us all.

The Internet has given each of us the ability to collectively fight social injustice on a massive scale. And individuals, every one of us, has the ability to stop evil now. Half a million Tweets a day calling out Peter Darbee, the CEO of PG&E during the San Bruno explosion, and continually demanding justice until Mr Darbee was held accountable for his crimes would have stopped him from retiring with a $35 million bonus, and with NO repercussions for murder.

The 1985 French documentary, Shoah, tells the story of the Holocaust through those who lived it, from villagers in Poland who watched their neighbors executed, to an SS officers who worked at concentration camps. There is one scene in the film I found particularly disturbing—A worker at a train station in Germany told the filmmaker he was “Just doing his job,” in knowingly scheduling the transport of thousands to their death every week for years. He, too, was never prosecuted for his crimes against humanity.

Like the train scheduler, the Lucky's produce manager to the CEO of Verizon, each of us is responsible for our actions. So instead of passing along the squirrel playing the piano video, GIVE A DAMN. The few who already do, can't change much without all of YOU. Call out those who commit crimes against humanity online, and stop them, because we can

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