VIRAL STUPIDITY (Marketing Today II)

After my last failed attempted at garnering sales using AMAZON'S PPC Advertising, I decided to try again. (I know, screw me once, shame on AMAZON, screw me twice...) I figured with better targeting, i.e. picking AMAZON product and book pages more aligned with my own, I'd more likely reach readers interested in to my Romantic Suspense novel, REVERB. That's what AMAZON kept telling me, anyway.

I took out two more ads, one for FFTTZ and one for REVERB, even though the last two I took out had over 80,000 'Impressions,' with NO SALES.

I watched the 'Impressions' on the new ads rise into the thousands within a week, though the CTR (Click Through Rate) was very low for both (see pic), as it was for my first set of AMAZON ads.

Then I get an email from Amazon: “Important Notice: Ad Campaign Stopped Due to Low Relevance.”

I checked my AMAZON KDP SELECT Dashboard to review REVERB's ad status (see pic). I notice I had a sale! My first ever, in 4 ad campaigns with AMAZON Marketing. I'm thrilled, for about half a second, until I notice my ad says Stopped!

I inquired several times to AMAZON customer service managers:
Hi Amazon,
I'd like to take REVERB off KDP SELECT, since the ONLY REASON I'm on it was to advertise, and you just threw me off! Why? I had the same campaign running in March and April, and didn't make ANY SALES, and you kept charging me $$ for CLICKS. I finally get ONE SALE, and you stop my campaign? WHY?

AMAZON'S response:
Our ads team gauges the relevance of advertisements on by their click-through rate (CTR). If ads' CTR falls below a certain threshold, this indicates that customers are not interested enough in it, and its settings should be changed. You can launch future campaigns to try different targeting options that may improve your ad campaign’s relevance. We ensure that our authors and customers, both have a pleasant experience with KDP. This is the reason, as a work around, we request you to create a new campaign by selecting more relevant interest targets or product targets so that the ad is shown to more relevant customers.

Hmm...I had a SALE, the ONLY SALE I've ever had with AMAZON Marketing, on the very ad they Stopped! because of 'low relevance?!' How “not interested” could the customer have been if they clicked on the REVERB ad, then PURCHASED the book?

AMAZON Marketing, (and other clueless Millennial marketers out there)— What is the POINT of MARKETING?

It used to be obvious, but somehow has gotten lost in translation with all the 20-something marketers now out there, ignorant that effective marketing does NOT rely on blindly following the latest viral delusion, as youth so often does. And it's NOT for Branding, or Impressions, Engagements, CTRs, or even Reach that businesses invest billions annually in MARKETING and ADVERTISING. On or offline, in print, on billboards or the sides of buildings, with digital campaigns we hope will go viral, to true social networking— sharing the latest and greatest with friends, we market for only one real reason: TO SELL A PRODUCT/SERVICE/MESSAGE. To Sell.

AMAZON Marketing either doesn't know this, and/or doesn't care, because AMAZON is making money with CTRs whether my book sells or not. Perhaps, if AMAZON Marketing Group communicated (at least, effectively) with the AMAZON Book Sales department, we'd all benefit, unless of course, they're making so much $$$$ with their PPC program they don't really care about book sales. If this is the case, they have their head up their asses if they believe they can continue scamming businesses, which will eventually get a clue, and invest their ad dollars in other marketing platforms.

109 Click Throughs did not sell one copy of REVERB in the 3/12/2015 AMAZON ad campaign (see pic), though it cost me $8.46. Times that, by the likely tens of thousands of other businesses out there who invest their money and time in AMAZON Advertising with little to no ROI, because KDP SELECT's Marketing team clearly doesn't understand why businesses advertise. CTRs are bullshit for everybody but AMAZON, GOOGLE, and anyone else serving up PPC advertising using Impressions, Engagements, or CTRs, not SALES, as their metric of a successful ad campaign.

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