The Bottom Line

“I want to speak with a U.S. rep, NOW!” I said for the 20th time to PRINCESS-050707 in the Philippines. This is my 5th call to yet another 800 number a foreign SEARS rep gave me, assuring me it was a U.S. line.

“I undastan. I'm sody, mem, I cn only get you—”

“I'm on Twitter right now. And I'm telling the world NEVER TO BUY SEARS because you sell CRAP products, and even though I bought the expensive fridge in California, I can't talk to ANYONE FROM THE U.S. I wanta talk with a U.S. rep NOW!” I'm the gorilla, beating my chest. I know it, but I can't stand what's happening in business today.

“I undastand, mem. I'm sody, but...” She doesn't care. She probably doesn't even know what Twitter is.

And the funny bit (not ha ha funny), SEARS doesn't care either. They think that saving money hiring slave labor out of India, or China, or the Philippians is good for their bottom line. And while this attitude is all the rage with Corporate America these days—COMCAST, HP, AT&T, the lot of them— THEY are WRONG.

“...I cn help you, mem, if you pease tell me your issue.”

I've spoken to 5 foreign reps and explained in detail (10-20 min calls each time), I need to file a claim with SEARS for the $500 in food we just lost, and the $500 for the fridge we just spent because their crap KENMORE compressor failed in less than two years, and it'll take two weeks to fix! EVERY rep had put me on hold to search for the non-existent Claims contact number or email. They probably had no clue what a Claim is. Feudal Law rules their country. too, now.

MADE IN AMERICA SEARS has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE in the United States. And they build their crappy products in China, India, Mexico, but NOT THE U.S. And they think this, too, is good for their bottom line, but again, THEY ARE WRONG.

I am NEVER buying anything from SEARS again. And I am not alone...

In 2003, SEARS stock was $19.85 (think 2003 dollar value, to understand their loss). Today, it's at $19. And going down. Well, duh!

The truth is, this new trend of screwing customers to save money by manufacturing crap products, and then making it impossible to get any real support after purchase, isn't helping SEARS bottom line.

I threatened PRINCESS to start a hashtag #IhateSEARS. I looked it up as I was Tweeting about them. #IhateSEARS, #SEARSsucks, and several more like these are ALREADY ON TWITTER! I read the timeline of tweets as PRINCESS rambled on nonsense. Wish I'd read them before I bought from SEARS!

SEARS is dying. And the best bit, they are killing themselves!

January 2000, HP's stock was $30.10 a share. Today, it's $12.34. They, too, destroyed their customer service when they outsourced it. And their products, from their once-praised printers, to their laptops turned to crap as well, when they shipped their manufacturing overseas. The company is failing. HP will likely be a footnote in business history sooner than later. Not so good for their bottom line, either, clearly.

In most of 2000, AT&T was $50-ish a share. It's now $33.16. They also make it impossible to talk to anyone that will actually help resolve issues. I'm being charged monthly for long distance calls we've never made. We don't have long distance on our home phone, but AT&T keeps charging us, though I've spoken with India no less than 25 times over the last 4+ years about this issue.

In many areas, COMCAST is a monopoly, so their customers are screwed for right now. The hashtag #IhateCOMCAST is very popular, however, and is sparking Class-Action lawsuits. Enough losses, and perhaps they'll deliver on their promises of a stable internet connection. Their lobbyists in DC won't be able to sell senators and congressmen on letting them lie, cheat and steal, if the entire country is looking to lynch them.

This blog is a SHOUT OUT of THANKS, to the social advocates, the viral disruptors, the vocal moral minority with the brains and the balls to fight injustice, and then post their experiences with Corporate America on the net. SEARS, COMCAST, HP, AT&T, would like us to shut up. We're hurting them, YEA!, but too slowly to save many from getting screwed.

WE CAN STOP THEM! Faster, together! Today's consumers are “busy” (a convenient excuse), or flat out lazy, with enough cash to just pay the bills instead of fight for what is right. Posting cat videos, or pics of the grandkids may be fun, but it really isn't helping anyone, if this is the extent of your content. This type of complacency allows these corporations to continue stealing our money, but more importantly, our time and energy.

Several times a weeks, until SEARS pays the $1000 they owe us (as they will never compensate us for the time they've stolen or the frustration they've caused), I'll be posting a tweet like this:
NEVER BUY FROM #SEARS AGAIN!! #SEARS SUCKS!! #KENMORE SUCK!! $$$$Crap fridge compressor failed less than 2 yrs! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

If even a quarter of their customers in the U.S. posted their problems with SEARS on FB, or Twitter, or Pinterest...etc., SEARS would no longer be in business. The truth, the 'bottom line, is beyond robbing us of our cash, our time, our sanity, the trending business environment is instilling mistrust between us, thus contributing to an aggressive, angry society that deeply hurts us all.

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Anonymous said...

Purchased KENMORE/LG Refrigerator at SEARS in Pleasant Hills Shopping Mall, 11/2013. The sales clerk did NOT tell us KENMORE was really an LG refrigerator. I was NOT aware that KENMORE was a white-label for LG. I wanted to avoid buying LG, and would NOT HAVE PURCHASED the KENMORE had I known it was really LG. The LG I was looking to REPLACE froze the food in the back of the fridge, and stopped freezing food in the freezer only a year after purchase. I bought the KENMORE to replace my LG refrigerator. Unfortunately, and unknowingly, mislead by the SEARS sales clerk, I was purchasing an LG refrigerator, which ALSO JUST BROKE ONLY A YEAR+ INTO OWNING IT.